Welcome to Dancingkidz School of Dance and Power Fitness!

At Dancingkidz School of Dance, we offer a variety of dance classes for children from newborn upwards!! We offfer Zumbini, DancingtotsBalletGleeZumba kids, Musical Theatre and Streetdance.

At Power Fitness we offer a variety of fitness classes for adults looking to stay in shape or wishing to burn away unwanted calories. We offer latin inspired zumba classes either low impact (ZUMBA GOLD) allowing you to groove at your own pace or high impact (ZUMBA FITNESS) which allow you to burn 800+ calories per class.

If you love Strictly Come Dancing you will love FITSTEPS, a fitness class that incorporates all the strictly styles with cardio and toning, designed by Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite.

BALLESTICS, is a fantastic workout that combines ballet techniques with cardio, toning and strengthening to bring you an explosive workout, you'll feel the burn and wave goodbye to those calories.

If you want to burn MAX calories and transform your body shape, come along to INSANITY, a max interval training class that really make you sweat and continue to burn calories for 12-24hrs afterwards - not for the weak hearted!!

CARDIO TENNIS is our newest fitness class. Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable group fitness class set on a tennis court / sports hall and open to people of all ages and all abilities.Classes will improve your fitness, tone and shape your key muscle groups, burn calories for a leaner body, improve your tennis skills and help you to keep fit in a fun way.

In addition to the above cardio calorie burning classes, we also offer PILATES. A series of slow, controlled exercises that focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body to improve balance, muscle-strength, posture, flexibility and ease of movement.

We are based in Northwich and Winsford, Cheshire and hold all our classes in surrounding local community areas.



A high intensity, LOW impact workout for anyone looking for a class that delivers flexibility, cardio and strength all at once. Pilates and Yoga movements are combined at a faster pace to music. Starting June.

Thursday evenings - to reserve a place please use our booking system below.
Ballestics combines ballet techniques into an explosive fitness class to help tone, sculpture and get your heart pumping! PAYG and courses places limited via our booking system.
Max 16 per class, use our booking system to reserve a place.
Our next workshop will be in the Summer holidays, Mon 27th - Fri 31st July - £90, £81 for sibling. To reserve a place please contact sharon@dancingkidzdance.co.uk